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How To Play Valleri by The Monkees (Guitar Lesson)

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Know of any good country / country rock songs with good guitar solos in them?

More specifically, I like to play (on my guitar Telecaster) style guitar on "Take it Easy" or "How Long" by Eagles and songs like "Hillbilly Deluxe" B & D but I can not find a large number of countries or country-rock songs that led to over a longer or shorter. What is a nuisance because I want learn more lead peak on my guitar, but I like hard rock and let's face it, there are many guitar solos well in the country lol: but I like as a country. So, does anyone know any good song, for example, the song "How Long" style guitar?

Emmylou Harris version of "Luxury Liner "is a good choice. And get JD Souther original version of" How Long. "The guitar work is much better.

learn to play guitar deluxe

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