List Of The Best Acoustic Guitar Players

list of the best acoustic guitar players
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Question for experienced players of the acoustic guitar?

I took guitar lessons for a year and a half. Because of work and family you only get to practice on 2 or 3 days a week at most. I am happy with my progress, but there are some things that I'm still not good. Im a man and I still I can not play very well without looking at my left hand, I'm still not very fast, and I get nervous when you play before people. I am much better when done alone. I always feel the fingers of my left hand is a bit awkward. My question is, how long before I can overcome all problems on the list?

There are two ways to overcome these things. 1) The practice and experience. 2) the weekly lessons from a professional. I totally understand being busy with work and children. So in your case, you must obtain much of their limited practice time as possible. the most effective way to achieve this is to take lessons from a professional. time Yo're practice becomes more productive and can focus their program to overcome and accomplish the things you want to prioritize.

list of the best acoustic guitar players