Learn Guitar Music Theory Online

learn guitar music theory online
Intermediate Music Theory : Lyric, Melody, Harmony: Intermediate Music Theory

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Learning music theory without the guitar?

Okay .. and I'm 16 and I was an aspiring guitarist two years. In In fact, I have two guitars at the moment (Luna Trinidad and FR Schecter Hellraiser C-1) but, unfortunately, my game got in the way my school work a little and dropped my notes. Later, my parents gave me my guitar until the end of the school year and do not want no such period of two weeks to go practice. Although I am not my real instrument, I thought it would be cool just a theory music. Does anyone know any good without the theory of music online classes and articles that can give me a good understanding of the fundamentals? (In Actually, I do not know anything about music theory, and the chromatic scale.)

You'll love this site! It has everything you need to know about lessons and you can test you go. I know it will help!

learn guitar music theory online

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