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ultimate guitar play guitar
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How to read and play guitar chords?

Well, I "know" how to play guitar at that time. And I'm so excited! I was wondering how to play chords and read like this .. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/s/simple_plan/your_love_is_a_lie_crd.htm which means that the X? It where you finger in a bowl? I am very confused right now. Thank you!

to read the string is very simple each agreement has its own three or more notes. will remember. understand how to scrape. you hear the drums in the background to determine the speed of the song and the beats measure there. and then create your own style scratching on that basis. If the song is played with the same chords, and listen and try to copy the model strumming. the x DUMB tell you to start the string with the x in the repression, but still the finger (s) above the channel (s) where x is indicated on the record.

ultimate guitar play guitar