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online guitar store
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Is it cheaper to buy a guitar in a store or online?

Basically, any question asked. Oh, and nobody knows if the V50 Ibanez plays well? And can you recommend a good sound / quality guitars? Thank you!

Small businesses are the most expensive (only about £ 5 – £ 10), but will be more friendly and personal. Larger stores have more variety and better prices because they can afford to buy manufacturers in addition to quantity, and thus obtain a larger discount. Online (assuming we're talking about places online fairly large) shipping things in general not too problem, but even the stores send start going wrong and is likely to be damaged in the mail. Advantages and disadvantages each: small businesses – prices slightly higher, but the friendly staff and department stores – bigger discounts online – the price varies, but the instruments often arrive poorly done, even large retail sales. Also, if you encounter problems when you play so you can fix it, online you have to take a guided tour or try it yourself. The V50 is a very cheap guitar ibanez, if you want to save money to buy something long term a bit more ambitious (a cheap guitar is generally great for knowledge, but when you get a good [in 6 months maybe] I want another thing). Try an acoustic Yamaha APX 500 if you wish, you look good sounds good, it's beautiful and thin, and costs about £ 240 (price excellent quality, too.) Or if you want an electric one: Stratocasters / Super Strats – Squier Classic Vibe series £ 225, Yamaha 112J Pacific (top) and 112V (slightly more elegant) each Telecaster £ 200 – £ 225 First Vibe Squier, Squier Standard Epiphone Les Paul SG 200 pounds-GS400 £ 200 Epiphone Les Paul Studio £ 200 Target for around £ 180 – £ 230 and you should find a guitar that you'll be happy with and grow with you. Yamaha Squier, things are generally good for the price.

online guitar store