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how to play guitar online guide
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Can someone teach me how to sing rock music?

I want to learn to sing green day type of rock and stone bowls of soup and some Weezer and ect. you know all the cool types. I've never sung before, but I play the guitar for 3 months and deecided I want to make my own group and get into the music. While anyone can be my online guide to singing lessons and send me an email every 2 times a week? Or atleast give me tips and warm up now? I would like to take singing lessons in my school chorus, but then everything you teach is just a group of classic Christmas carols and songs rocking shit. I want to learn to sing like the type of eyeliner XD lol Greenday wear sry not know his name. Then someone Can please teach me to sing popular rock real? or atleast publish an online guide can be learned?

It is not possible to teach someone to sing! Sorry, but you just have to test your voice into account. Some people have a beautiful voice natural. Others simply do not have a good natural voice (aka, I can not sing / voice who sings bad.) If you have voice, then you can sing what you want. (All styles)

how to play guitar online guide