Learn To Play Guitar Upside Down

learn to play guitar upside down
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Electric guitar: Tuners If a high or low?

I watched the tube guitar lessons and I realized I was playing with Paul Gibson down but tuners tuners Satriani plays up. Both were given the style of play (right in taking the left on the frets). Which side is correct? That person plays a left handed guitar upside down and you play a right handed guitar right above? The reason I ask, because I'm going to buy my first guitar next payday. I am ambidextrous, but when I learned, I want to learn the right hand for the first time in a straight electric guitar. Lefty learned later, but I want to start learning first how to make the learning process easier. So I can get one that has the tuners face up or down?

I would like a guitar tuners up. Some guitars are made with tuners down and are not necessarily left-handed guitar … I think a company that does this is Jackson, but I'm not sure ……. But Again Gibson Epiphone Les Paul and built from top to bottom …. guitars .. Awesome!

learn to play guitar upside down