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guitar playing shirts
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He says his hobby is playing the guitar is considered bragging?

Today in class, the teacher we had established ourselves. She had a list of questions we go with the rest of the class. (Which is your favorite food, etc.) One of the questions was: "Have you hobbies? "So I answered." play the guitar. "It was like an interview that his partner had to ask questions and submit it. I feel as if he boasted. No. I know. It feels weird. I hope that the other person said: "I try to play the guitar" Because I am not a expert, I'm just an amateur guitarist. And the strange thing is that I used to dress as if most of what I mean is Hip-Hop. Thus, they arrive at school with a t shirt iron maiden and tell that I love playing guitar … people can be like "WTF". LOL.

Dude, you're overthinking haha. This is what you are running with it. It makes you feel good? So do not worry I'm not asking not .. in fact, a little swagger's a good thing in my opinion. This shows that we are safe and are happy with what we are and ready to express other.

guitar playing shirts