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play guitar virtual
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Question about playing guitar on my computer?

Can I connect my guitar into the microphone slot with an adapter, but I was wondering if There was a Well, I could use another program sound recorder, then, because it makes the burner very guitar sounds around, there is a sort of amplifier Virtual thatll have a great sound and can record what I play?

Very good. You use the microphone on the computer, which is a very hot input, if your guitar is the input overload. You can try using the "line" Here, if you have one, you should be fine (not so hot). The problem with both is that going to do something cheap (sound card paper, right?), So it will be of inferior quality, and very noisy. Only two ways to get around, go through a decent sound card, or through a USB / Firewire. I'm using a Lexicon Alpha, pay less than $ 150 for it (can not remember how many) and I am very happy with him. It comes with software that does not (I have). Try to download the plugin FA3. Is a free VST plugin is pretty decent in terms of guitar amp emulator software. A simple program that can use that does not suck, and sound recorder is Audacity. You must download a thing or two to work with VST, but it can be done. Saul

play guitar virtual