Easy To Play Guitar Songs Online

easy to play guitar songs online
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Does anyone know an easy way to learn to read guitar tabs?

Ive just got a guitar and try to learn songs and guitar tablature online.And I looked at me confused? Does anyone know of a site or a place that tells me how to read and play?

check out a web line and remember some of each chain is represented by a letter E (low E – thicker chain – at the top of chain) A (next to the string above) DGBE (high E – thinnest string – string below) 0 – is a string 1 – represents the first box 2 – represents the second box and so h = hammer on p = delete t = trill (a combination of hammer and pull off) http://www.howtoreadguitartabs.org/ Good luck 'n Keep On Rockin'

easy to play guitar songs online

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