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learn to play guitar e book
Cool Salsa Guitar Play (Guitar Lesson P2.)

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The best way to learn to play guitar at age 5?

I want to learn to play guitar with my 5 years. I bought record books, but I still can not play like I'm quite new to the music and guitar. Should I get some lessons? Do I learn to read music? And its the best way to learn before electricity? So what is easier to learn first When I tried to learn some songs from Bob Marley slow, but I'm open to all genres of country rock, rockers, etc..

Not take lessons. It is most enjoyable to teach. If you enroll in the lessons you feel you have to do rather than want. Try a series book called Fastrack by Hal Leonard Guitar publish your design so you can teach. I also want to learn the first acoustic guitar because they are cheaper. If this were a first electric guitar you should spend more than $ 400 for the guitar and amplifier. You can get a good acoustic guitar for about $ 150. This way, you can decide if you like it or not without the investment. It's a good thing if you can play music and not its so hard to learn if they can, but need not now tabbed, tabs, but does not show the rhythm (Am I spell that right? anyway …) the songs are easier to play if you know the rhythm instead of spending hours trying. I would also expect Give 5 years is 7 or 8 before learning. He / She may be frustrated and turn off the guitar for the rest of his life.

learn to play guitar e book