Famous Acoustic Guitar Players

famous acoustic guitar players
Le Voyage pour l’Irlande (Pierre Bensusan) – INDACOacustica

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would be a good idea to move to low to be more flexible?

I am an intermediate guitarist, I have an acoustic and electric. I want to join and the band and do something serious (for fun, however, does not seek to be famous) and after thinking about it, there are so many guitarists (who are much better than me) and lack of bears, and I wondered if I should take a little and begin to learn to be more opportunity to join a group. At the same time, take care of my guitar and I need to focus more on the bottom to be a good player, I'm being pulled in two ways!

my friend has a brain! if you're absolutely right the bass is much more important than the guitar! THE WORLD AND YOUR MOM plays guitar. including me. lol Do not think you can not do both well. play the guitar will make you a better bass player and will play you a better guitarist. Practice and will be a lot success. Good luck!

famous acoustic guitar players