Play Guitar Like A Professional

play guitar like a professional
How to play guitar like Macolm Young with Andy Crowley (part 1)

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Possibility of becoming a professional singer?

I'm 15 and I love singing. I think I have talent and can play guitar and wrote a couple songs. I know how difficult it is to go into business, but that's all I want. I love music and I do could not imagine another career. I am ready to do what is necessary. What are my chances? some tips to help you?

Well, I do you hear him sing and play to really know what your chances are, but as you seem to know, not good. That said, go ahead. Most successful musicians have lived as vagrants for a good part of their life until he finally did. Just give everything. Me too, but can not find a niche that is not music. And if it ends, I can not do for a living, so I'll get an engineering degree in music and at least try sell my songs. Anyway good luck to you! : D

play guitar like a professional