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learn guitar kolkata
Shawn Lane – Guitar Solo Improv (Landmark Book Store, Kolkata, India – 7th Feb 2003)

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What brand of acoustic guitar should I choose?

I know nothing about guitars. Now I want to learn guitar on my own, learning, a book. I'm learning the acoustic guitar for sure, not semi-electric. I know two good brands from now, Gibson and Squire. I just want to know more about them and their models, if any? will be most useful if given the price range around for them. thank you in advance. I am from Kolkata, India ….

Let me say this, do not get a Squire. I played three. One was the average (electric start), one was poor (an acoustic guitar to start), and one was horrible (mini start). Gibson is very good but very expensive ($ 800, but may be able to find cheaper). Gaviota I would say if you can find one. They are less and the Gibson ($ 250 – $ 500), well done and sound great. There are other brands that make great guitars are cheaper. Try searching Yahama Ibanez and I guess you can also find good guitars on them for about $ 200 or less.

learn guitar kolkata

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