Best Guitar Learning System

best guitar learning system
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What is the best guitar tab and progression of cable?

Hello im looking for the best cable system to see the progression of guitar, and the progression of the tab, I do not want to learn the notes replaced the tabs very well. I just want to know what is the best system is to the novice to the expert guitaring only the evolution of the chips and cables. I do not care if a movie or book, but please send me the link =)

Seriously friend, learn the notes. This is not a replacement. Know the names of the notes will make a big difference not only in their knowledge of the instrument, but his game too. And good luck jamming with guys know the notes. If you were in my group and I asked him what note to play and just said that not knowing who would be packing their shyt and get the hell out of my rehearsals.

best guitar learning system