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learn to play guitar site

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The best places to learn to play guitar?

I've never played guitar in my life, but I like learning, can you recommend sites would be good for a beginner who wants to teach himself to play on the Internet? For now, I'm just interested in guitars acoustic.

His quickest way is to learn and choose a song that sounds pretty simple and look up! guitar tablature is the way forward www.ultimate-guitar.com and is definitely the use site. Have lessons, articles, tablature, forums, and just about anything and everything you need to start playing the guitar! As a guitarist experience in acoustic and electric, I would say the first learning basic chords and progressions of learning. Scales and chords to help you "tune in" and what sounds good and melodic in terms of different combinations of notes and you become a more rounded player good agreements in this way to start.: E, A, D, G, C These are the agreements more straightforward and commonly used there. The website can help you learn from these agreements or google to find any pictures fingering. Good luck!

learn to play guitar site