Learn To Play Guitar Equipment

learn to play guitar equipment
Guitar Lesson: James Brown Funk Style

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I want to learn the guitar, I have some questions.?

I am 14 and want to learn to play electric guitar, I want to know if it's fun to play, not a lot of money so I can get the super duper computer, so I want to know if you can still have fun without the best equipment. Also how is the work (practice) the ratio of fun. My point is that all practitioners and after 5 years or else becomes a pleasure.

I played guitar for a long time. When I started I had a starting price and a knock-off mini-amplifier. At first it was difficult for me to learn chords, fingering, picking parts, etc. But with practice and patience, you will do well. The practice of music you Want to learn is worth it when you can actually sit and play with the song you've learned. Try the easy, not like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, Iron Man by Black Sabbath, Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, etc. Practice hard and keep trying.

learn to play guitar equipment