How To Play Guitar Melodies

how to play guitar melodies
How to Play a Simple Guitar Melody

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help on guitar .. make my songs .. own?

playing guitar for about 9 months, I know some chords and I know most of the I chord progressions I'm still working on the scale, but one thing I'm having problems with her my own songs .. I want to play things like the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana, but I do not know how … What should I do to get the rhythm and melody in the way I play the guitar?

So sometimes it goes down just messing around – play this chord, play this chord, throw in some notes, and sounds like what good …. hey So here's an idea. Take a phrase and call high. Now, play chords to the rhythm of the sentence. Since you are familiar chord progressions, which should give you a starting point. For example – "Your love touches my heart" could become C – GGGG – FG, where the dashes represent a short pause. As tunes go, learn the pentatonic scale corresponding to the key of the song and experience the mixture of notes in the chord progressions … or use the entire scale and the incorporation race, or a combination of both. For example, chord progression above, the key is C major. So you can take the C major pentatonic scales and C major when I started drawing pictures with little riff ideas. Hope this helps a little. Saul

how to play guitar melodies

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