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learn guitar at college
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learn to play the piano before the guitar? Am I too old?

I'm 17 and I start my 2nd semester of senior year hs. I am a bug actual study, all AP classes, sports, ASB pressure, say many things at school are oriented in a great school. I really want to learn to play an instrument and I can have more time when I am accepted to college. I need to develop my creative side of the brain a little too far right. if I can not decide to play, I like the sound of the piano and I have very long piano fingers pple say, but the guitar is really too cold. What is ur opinion, oh and I think it would not be playing a keyboard of a piano, the keyboards are smaller. it is more difficult, too? im 17, a certain type of person and non-musical experience at all, am I too old to learn too?

obtain both … seriously … I played guitar for 10 years and love it I'm saving for a keyboard that I can learn, so 17 is too old friend … I started when I was 17 …. Learning music is a lifelong thing, you get sooo many hours of fun around your home alone … or with friends …. you must be patient, however, understand that it takes time where as I originally said, however, it is life changing passion for long life, to learn more … her long fingers help

learn guitar at college