Learn To Play Guitar How Long

learn to play guitar how long
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How long does it take to learn to play acoustic guitar?

I just inherited the acoustic guitar and my father would love play, but I have no idea how. I think it would be to try a few online tutorials and lessons to help you. I mean, I took singing lessons for a while so Im not lost in the round appearance of the music. How long does it take to learn to play guitar? Assuming i it is practiced regularly? There is also a guitar lessons site do you recommend?

If you want to learn guitar quickly the best idea is to practice as much as possible. I play the guitar for about 8 years and I just leave it there, so I'm more inclined to play. Try not to get discouraged … is very difficult at first. I found this cool site, good call http://www.drewsobsessions.com There's a guy in his twenties, which shows six basic chords and then a series of video tutorials with the agreements. Hope this helps. Good luck

learn to play guitar how long