Learn Blues Guitar

learn blues guitar
Learn Blues Guitar, cool licks and tricks 8 by Marty Schwartz

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How did you all the strings (guitar) from top to bottom of the handle quickly?

I'm classically trained and embarrassed enough, never had to learn if I never bothered! Now I want to learn blues guitar and I realize I have to learn from this …

The best and most effective way to learn is to learn the chords in the same position. For example, learning all the chords in a key G (3rd box), 7th and 9th position. To do this, with a minor, diminished, augmented, etc. .. Once you've mastered in three positions, this is a matter of up or down to match changing passwords. The fingering is the same if you play a step up or down button. Not the same thing for the scales. Once you know about 3 different scales, the other will come with time. The guitar is the simplest tool menmorize positions of chords and scales, simply because it's only a matter of climbing and / or down without changing the fingering. I know my chords and scales in 5 positions. In fact, the CAMS after learning all of a button. Same or scales. Note that if you are in the blues, then pentatonic major and minor scales are for you and the blues scale which is slightly lower than the Blues, but adds another dimension to his solos. Visit this site … It's worth a friend. http://www.myguitarsolo.com/sc_penta_blues.htm

learn blues guitar