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learn guitar visually
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Could someone with a musical ear and knowledge of guitar chords played me in this video?

I am an experienced guitarist myself, but I can learn songs by visually chords and tabs, and not by ear. The video is a guitar version of "Mockingbird" Eminem actually that sounds a little better than that used in the current song, probably because of different keys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrRdYFt0ORI&feature=related Could someone just tell me the name of the agreements? I think we should start in a long A5 or something. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

The agreements are the following: C # m, A ^ # 4, B, C # m C # m F # msus2 / A Badd6, C # m From the observation of fingering the type, I realize that your guitar is tuned a minor third lower, which explains how to get the sound dark and romantic depression, low C #. The strings are tuned to (Low to high) C #, F #, B, E, G #, C #. In a guitar with standard tuning, strings are present (this position is that use): Em, C # ^ 4, D, Em, Em, Amsus2 / C Dadd6, Em Thanks for the ten points.

learn guitar visually