Bass Guitar Player Wanted

bass guitar player wanted

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Is anyone interested in making a guitar or bass in a group of pop / rock?

Me and my friend are starting a pop / rock and we can not or find a bass player for our group to be recorded in a recording studio near professional. We try to look Plz Plz Plz we need players aged 12-16 years or more Maby.

see 1) has no list weight 2) You do not say where they live 3) do not indicate the size of its group or play 4) did not report long / short-term goals, 5) has not even declared his name is difficult to believe me to be in a professional recording studio, when the appearance that you do not have basic knowledge of promotion, etc. does not mean it's a bunch of bad things are going Measner find very difficult to find members and, more specifically, their age. Specifically, a bassist thats good guitarists are a coin a piece of dozen and not the main instrument to maintain a rhythm yet bears are hard to find good bass players, regardless of finding

bass guitar player wanted