Can’t Play Guitar Standing Up

can’t play guitar standing up
An example of tapping

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Where can I go to play the guitar?

It's a beautiful day and I had to work today … and I wanted to play the guitar outside and enjoy the fabulous sun … but my brother was hogging the back porch all day! It breaks my heart sit in my room was stuffy and waited for this day all … I really need to work a little stress and I play the guitar so bad, but can not not stand being trapped inside a beautiful day like it. I really want to leave home, but I do not want to go shopping or anything because they can save money, I like to shop … I just want to play the guitar! Where would you go? I really need ideas, please? Thank you very much very much if you can help.

Park? Go take a bucket and sit with you in front of a store make money while your in it.

can’t play guitar standing up

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