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youtube play guitar go johnny go
Chuck Berry – Johnny B Good Lyrics

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Johnny Cash?

I was at a friend's house and played a song by Johnny Cash … it was not really a song I think so … Well, I was drinking, so I do not remember much about the song. there was no background music guitar but mostly spoke johnny. I only remember a part that says something like "return to old photos … werent as big as you thought you werent that …." And then I draw a blank at any other point i heard. I know he had found it on youtube but I can not find me and theres so much I do not even know where to start looking for the song and music of each song. Anyone know what song I mean? it is a boy named Sue … this is not a song of 'fun' and I do not think it is as much a familiar song like most of them. not the man in black does not hurt.

"A Boy Named Sue", a large amount of words spoken and funny as …

youtube play guitar go johnny go