How Play Guitar Faster

how play guitar faster
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How can the guitar neck to play faster?

I have a Gibson SG

SG is a good guitar, is "Action" right settings? (How close to the strings to the frets), this can be adjusted. How do I run a scale also makes a difference in their performance "With" the tone cons "up" or "down" in the neck. Hammer-ons. Otherwise, the space between the notes may give the illusion of speed, or run across quickly, playing eight notes or sixteenths instead of black. The practice of ascending and descending. I "Common" trick, but it can be difficult (for me) to explain. Can I use the pentatonic scale. (The average rating is "below" the "root" grade), for example: 171, 313,434,545,757,878, then stretch the octave (or octave, until I think it will break and break the whammy bar, if you have one). Just keep the jams that will get your "mojo" with time!

how play guitar faster

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