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What is the best guitar you can possibly buy in the range of 200-300 dollars?

I am new to the guitar and you want to learn basic guitar, but do not want junk. I was hoping that 200-300 dollars would be enough to get something decent. I just looking for suggestions on good guitars in my price i range.if global agreements such as learning kits and other things to help but have to.thanks not much:)

To take full advantage of your money, try to find a guitar with a solid top. The sound of a guitar head actually improve as time goes on (especially if you play around a lot). I have a cheap old Alvarez is perhaps 20 years, and has developed a very soft sound over the years. Think of it as an investment. Most guitars have a cheap laminate top, which is when they take a lot of very thin sheets of wood and glue them together. They are decent guitars, and even can sound good, but never as good as his. Fender and Yamaha are both good guitars at low prices overcame strong under $ 199. Some Yamaha FG700S folk acoustic guitar ($ 199): This is probably my favorite. It is simply a notch above packages Fender (below) in terms of sound and construction, especially when compared to anyone. The Yamaha looks and sounds like it should cost more. Do not come in a package, but personally I think it is better to choose your own accessories. The material that is often in the packets is a kind of cliché, even if the guitar is good. Also I would really like to choose their own teaching materials, each has its own learning style. (Photo and features: http://piccolosmusic.com/store/product/12561/Yamaha-FG700S-Folk-Acoustic-Guitar-/) Fender Acoustics FA-125S Pack ($ 199): I am passionate about them. They have a solid spruce top and are slightly smaller in the body, making them Very comfortable and fun to play (also more portable!). Includes an electronic tuner, gigbag, picks, string winder and a manual. Again, accessories are a bit cheesy. (Http: / / www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0950870021) Fender DG-8S Acoustic Pack ($ 199): Similar to above but with a largest armored body that gives a little more projection. Includes a carrying case, electronic tuner color, instructional DVD, strings, picks and strap. (Http: / / Www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0950801100) Fender CD-60 CD-60CEs ($ 199, are also very popular. Bowl, but decently made and delivered with a hard case. (Http: / / piccolosmusic.com / store / advsearch.asp Submitted = 1 & hideoptions = 1 & product_departmentid = 48 & product_brandname = wing) In last tip: Get your guitar in a real music store. Like most guitars (even the good ones) are mass produced, not always easy to play to the right of the box. A music technology can make your guitar has no significant manufacturing defects, and also adjust the action of such so that the strings are not too hard to push. So go shopping for Internet stores, and definitely skip the Wal-Mart and Costco would not know what to do with a guitar without case if some of them. I also like to avoid brands like the first law or Esteban. There are quality products. Go to your local store first own music, but if you get your guitar online, try a place like instruments elderly or Piccolo musical who are the real brick and mortar stores, also operates an online store. Piccolo work to address your attention to detail.

learn guitar kits

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