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learn guitar techniques free
Free Guitar Lessons: Country Blues Fingerpicking : Fingering Techniques in Blues Fingerpicking

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I keep my guitar lessons?

I took guitar lessons for 2 years and my guitar teacher asked me if I want to continue to come as I'm more interested in the blues southern rock trying to teach. I love playing rock and heavy metal and do not want to learn that education. said everything that I learned to play this style, but I can not yet or not certain techniques such as scanning picking.He said I taught not that hard or the songs i want to learn. I'm not sure what to do, but this man has a sense of black humor is very sarcastic and I did in high school like.im and since the end of year, I am very busy preparing for the finals and do not wish to implement. So I just got a 360 and enjoy play in my spare time. What I do. Stay or go? im afraid that if I leave my parents did not pay me to go elsewhere to learn.

Find a professor who teaches you what you want to learn. You two years, do not waste it. I had students who have taught me and I understand what they want to play is not what I teach what I have to make a recommendation of another teacher and let them go. I taught the foundation of my style and after a while to find their own niche and want to go and I'm fine with that. I had several back and thank me for pointing in the direction he wanted to go. I had to leave the residence and that's fine too. I do not teach too often sometimes short of what I do.

learn guitar techniques free