Play Guitar In One Hour

play guitar in one hour
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Guitar Hero?

Someone else here annoyed by people playing Guitar Hero? (The game) Even some of my musician friends to play this game for hours. It's like, why not learn to play a real guitar and develop some kind of talent. The children of this generation not only disciplined or focused enough to sit and is learning an instrument? Is it just is not important for this generation to learn an instrument? This is also why most of these youth gangs nowadays make a finger, a chain of guitar solos (and the cult of fans that, for some reason)?

Well, I do not see the point in the game either, and still really bothers me when kids come here and ask if it will be impressive in a first real guitar, they are good at this stupid game, but I eased my attitude towards it when my son saved his allowance until he could buy the game I must admit, that while not all learned on the guitar, it takes time, and my son has improved the battery …. And the game is to introduce the younger generation to some classic rock and most appreciated. I can not play for ****.

play guitar in one hour