Electric Guitar Learning Videos

electric guitar learning videos
How To Get The Paramore ‘Decode’ Electric Guitar Solo Distortion Sound Using POD XT Live Line 6 …

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Learn to play electric guitar: where do I start?

(1) If the necessary lessons, or is it better myself teach? (2) Is there a specific book I pick up and read? (3) I heard that the video game "Guitar Hero" to improve finger strength and time, it is worth buy and master? (4) Since I am busy with school and everything, how much time per week spent practice? (5) Any additional comment would be greatly appreciated.

1. The lessons are not necessary. I am 100% self taught and many other great guitarists. Including my own hero, Slash from Guns N 'Roses and Velvet Revolver. However, an instructor with the helicopter can position fingers, exercises, postures, movements, and so on. You can not see the ridiculous may appear while playing the guitar, and you may have horrible posture and perhaps play a more difficult situation. Instructor iron to bad habits you might have from the start, so you do not learn to play right or wrong position of the movement or something. 2. Take a book and stick to it. any book, is good. But do not be confused with several. finish a book, and go to the next. 3. Guitar Hero is to help with finger strength. but no time or accuracy. I like to play just for fun. but it does not help much more than fingers. 4. I can play for one hour each day. At least. sometimes more but never less. Initially, appointments half an hour every two days. if you feel you're doing well, go ahead and keep playing. 5. Do not get frustrated. if so, it is time to stop a little. It takes lots of practice, time and effort. Do not give up because the chord of C is difficult. One day you will take and the things he could not do yesterday is only natural. be patient and open minded. It can also help you get started with an acoustic guitar. are easier to play and learn. Electric guitars are quite expensive, and if it is not working for you, then you might be all that money. person does not give you so much for the guitar that you paid for it, unless your Collecters element, in this case, if you played it, still lose its end back.

electric guitar learning videos