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play guitar games free online
How to Use a Guitar Effect Pedal : Reverb Effects for the Electric Guitar

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What is a good offline or free online rpg game?

My parents gave my ps3 to my brother for christmas and i gave him my games and i bought him 2(call of duty and fallout 3). I never really cared that much for giving him it since he had nothing in his appartment and also that all i do is play guitar. Now im in recovery from surgery(removed gynocomastia) and im not allowed to play guitar for 3 weeks. Im wondering if there are any good games out there that are like oblivion, fallout or Final Fantasy that is compatible with a nvidia geoforce 7300. Thanks for any sudgestions.

Ragnarok Online has a legit free server up and running – it’s a relatively popular (at least in Asia) MMORPG.

play guitar games free online