Learn The Electric Guitar

learn the electric guitar
Learn lead electric guitar melodic lick lesson with scales ala Steve Vai Lukather & Neal Schon

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I used to play acoustic for 2 years, how long does it take to learn to play electric guitar in a small group?

I get an electric guitar this week and I have learned from the introduction of mine "or" sweet girl in 2 days, put stores all the basic chords. I do a good guitar teacher and soon will have classes once a week or every 2 weeks. I am determined to learn quickly, and I know there is a certain length, just wondering what you thought

I found everyone has a learning ability different. You can do things faster than others, or even things slower. You say you know the basic chords, you can make bars? you know the ground? I mean all the notes on the card box, if you intend to be the guitarist in a band then you should really. Normally, when I give guitar lessons, I would say it will take years to be able to play the guitar again and I mean in a band on their own merits. Without wishing to discourage you, but if it starts to play in a band who learn more quickly because it will catch up or the training set same time. Even if you make noise with others who will help your game can be very self-critical and do not walk before. Take note of what the teacher says, and if you are unsure or have questions – what is it for. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for practice. Enjoy and have fun

learn the electric guitar

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