Bass Guitar Play Along Music

bass guitar play along music
Change – Glow of Love – Bass play along

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What do I need to record guitar tracks on my PC?

I have a super computer with a sound card cheap (I will replace) I use my computer to record some of my music. The truth is I do not know much about the record, let alone recording digital. In addition to the super computer, I have a guitar, some effects pedals, a drum machine respectable, and a small practice amplifier. And I would be able to: connect my drum machine to record its output to its own track, and save me with my guitar with him. Over time, I want to add some bass and vocals, but for now I get guitar tracks on drums. Had then be able to save them in mp3 format, you can share with others. What should I buy for I think? Can someone please also recommend a sound card for this moderate price? Software? Other materials? Etc. Thanks in advance.

I was also looking for this type of information when I am came across your post. I'm still looking, but here are two books that I found I could be useful for you. / Ref = sr_1_6? ie = UTF8 & s = books & qid = 1200758074 & sr = 8.6 Good chance.

bass guitar play along music