Learn To Play Guitar Strings

learn to play guitar strings
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The best way to learn to play bass?

I started playing bass guitar (4 strings) a few months ago. I learned to play reading / notes for this book my mother bought me. and I was wondering, is there a better way to learn play, or I continue to learn in the book? The book is good, but it is a bit slow to learn. Is there a site or book that would be a little better?

a better way to start is to find songs you like and learn Tabs (www.ultimate-guitar.com.) There are bass tabs existence. you must play cards in the first place because it is easier, faster, and tabs are becoming the dominant language for writing songs. after they are good to play while you should learn the notes, because it is important to write songs and learn things by ear. and the more you'll get a good start in writing your own stuff, if you plan to be a band or something good.

learn to play guitar strings

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