Guitar Play Wall Art

guitar play wall art
Custom Crafted Cigar Box Guitar by D Guitars Miami

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Ladies, you like a guy who can …?

Ok, so I was wondering. I know many girls appreciate a guy who can write a poem or play the guitar. But how many of you feel about the artistic abilities? I am not talking about throwing paint on a wall, or even sketches of Napoleon Dynamite … I mean things like: Do you have artistic talent means nothing any of you?

If I'm really a man, I see your creative side. I love everything that comes from him, and I think it's a beautiful expression of spirit. If I'm not in the type, then, well, I'm not in his art is. lol. I knew a guy who writes poems for me, and although were technically very good, I was not human and therefore could not appreciate his art, you know? Not like his lover. 🙂 The feelings aside, however, you have talent! I can say that objectively.

guitar play wall art