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free blues guitar lessons
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Guitar Scales/Solos etc?

Hi, I’ve been playing for about a year and a half… I’ve never taken lessons, I just kinda find tabs of songs I like and try to play them. I was trying to learn the free bird solo and it is impossible! So i’m wondering what is a good way to improve soloing skills to get me to a level that I can play such songs. Are there guitar warmups? Do scales help? I looked at a website “” and they had some scales but there were lots of options (you had to pick from several blues, pentatonic,etc. and then from there you had to pick I guess a root chord C,A,etc) what does all of this mean, which should I play?
Anyways, any advice is appreciated! Also, if you know any good solos that are really bad ass but kinda easy to play I would much appreciate it.

Thanks =D

I can offer you two articles:

free blues guitar lessons

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