Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great

make your electric guitar play great
How to Make a Homemade Electric Guitar : Leveling the Neck on an Electric Guitar

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What equipment is good to have to make your own electronic music?

I'm really into this stuff now, but not sure that I use to do this. all I have right now is a computer (without software) is any good software I can recommend that can be do things like him. I have a shirt on the keyboard, not great, but OK for now. I have a MIDI cable can I connect to my computer. I also an electric guitar and acoustic. I can play well, but still learning the keyboard guitar. anything you could recommend that would be a great help to get started? keep things as cheaply as possible if you say I should have and I never really allocating money. Tomorrow I'll get better once I have a job whenever that is (most likely the time), mostly pop and electro house

What you are proposing is not cheap. I know of no software synthesizers that do not cost hundreds of dollars. The sound you are really looking for is usually a sampler / sequencer like the Roland SP-555. You can also get the sounds of a keyboard synthesizer like the Roland Juno-G. For guitar electric, you can plug your guitar into a Roland Juno-G or buy a Roland guitar synthesizer GR-20. He also HOG guitar synth, but in my opinion, Roland and BOSS (made by Roland) guitar effects are the best. A BOSS ME-20 on your guitar is probably a good idea too. SP-555 – Juno-G – GR-20 – Http: / / www. / watch? v = 9WPvczdXeW0 ME-20 – also – BOSS GT-10B with the station BOSS RC-50 … loop So there you have it. No flights to save money and build your credit.

make your electric guitar play great