Learn How To Play Guitar Tips

learn how to play guitar tips
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I want to learn to play guitar, advice?

OK, I'm 14 years old, a girl, and lots of beautiful music is in my blood I a guy who can play as any other instrument, except that all Fiddle/Violin- plays or sings like something I can not sing, or at least I do not think I can, So I want to learn guitar! A family friend will give me some lessons that I have to learn the chords and then go see him play, he is old and played with friends at home a lot and learn a little by myself, which is like a big part of my family learned, but I still need something tips that will help me be good. PLZ PLZ PLZ help me!

The best advice I can give you is do not be discouraged when the fingers on his left hand starts to get sore from pressing the strings. If you keep up with play on a daily basis, you will develop calluses on the tips of little fingers is it does not hurt. And do not worry, you do not notice. I started on a nylon string guitar instead of a steel chain. The sound is not as good, but it is easier to finger. Once you are more qualified and calluses, a steel chain is not a problem. Learning on your own once you have the basics down is great, but it is also useful to have books of guitar music. You can buy more at any music store and usually there are a variety to choose from. You can choose a book with the songs you like and you say that agreements to play in all the changes. The style and method depends on you. I started taking guitar classes when he was 14 years too. Now 46 and I have not played in years because I had carpal tunnel syndrome (no guitar). I had operations on both hands to alleviate the problem and I intend to return to play the guitar. Good luck and happy playing.

learn how to play guitar tips