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best how to learn guitar software
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How to learn to play guitar quickly and easily while having fun?

I wanted to play the guitar my whole life. My parents had a guitar a couple of years and some books. I tried three different ways perhaps class, they all begin in different places. Where is the best starting point for learning to play? It also has a little money now, advice on software good or a book (idiot proof) to show me to play? I really want to learn, I am a bit overwhelmed. Any other advice welcome, please. Thank you!

Everyone gave good advice, but I would add one very important aspect that is often overlooked … Plays well with others! You will improve play 10 times faster and convenient with each other, then at home in your room alone. Try to find someone who is a better guitar player if you can get in touch with you and gather to sing songs, write music, etc. … at least once a week. It is also very important forced to sit every day for the express purpose of practice. Some days he can not feel up to it, but if you force .. except that for 15 minutes a day, you find the time is extended by an hour or more. Learn at least 3-4 different ways to play each chord. It will take the helm whole or in part up and down the neck, but will give you a great understanding of the inning. For example, if someone plays the G chord 3-2-0-0-0-3 account standard that can play a little 3 chain G string at the 7th fret, which is the normal form of the D line xxx-7-8-7, I know it sounds boring, but to learn from the pentatonic scale, blues, and finally … find a way to save … it is a valuable tool to hear the areas of his game that requires more work. best guitarist of luck .. over 40 years

best how to learn guitar software

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