Buy I Can Play Guitar Drake Bell

buy i can play guitar drake bell
Drake Rocks Out With I Can Play Guitar

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Distortion pedal should I buy for this type of sound?

Here is a youtube video of Drake Bell … and … halfway … began playing TNT … I can play the song … but … my bias is too metal … I buy the kind of distortion pedal to do exactly what it is in this clip … if Please enter the details in the description, I know that my guitar can not be as good as Drakes … but … I'm sure you can get some distortion that sounds pretty close thank you very much # BP1cZZ4sYcg well …. I am looking for one or $ 50 … thanks

pedals VARIOUS be good … Dunlop Roland distortion, VOX, .. I have a distortion pedal Roland iron 10 years .. I also Llorona .. u may get JBox a box or line 6 to get exactly the sound

buy i can play guitar drake bell

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