Learn Guitar Triads

learn guitar triads
Learn Guitar – 03 – Major Scale Triads Part 1

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If long-time musician, keys 40, 23 Guitar learn to read the point of view, theory, etc.? How it will be difficult?

It First lessons, playing by ear as a fake, piano chords for the left hand, melody, full of law, basic piano songs known structure, For example, 1.4.5., min, Sun, August, 7th, 9th, the triad, without keys or # & b, the hand to the left you can boogie-woogie, Barrelhouse, etc., by hand right quickly and accurately. I write the chords and go. Git labor agreements more open, some bar, not alone, chords / strumming, finger picking, so do not know scales or piano / guitar, but the piano solo known, for example, the difference between MS and D in the morning and etc / After playing for the "ears" in the intervening 12 years, I find myself wanting to play classical music, jazz and limited in the morning. Shhould took the first theory, composition, What? In what order? Web lessons? I am now

I'm like you: D understand what they do. I can play chords, ear and I a basic understanding of playing the notes. What you can do is buy a book of pieces and start more easily and still growing you've mastered the art of reading the note. You can also get a teacher. I think it's the best decision. Get a teacher for a some time until you learn music theory and all that. Then after that you can practice reading notes on their own. In addition, you can ask your teacher what to do. In fact, there are many sites on the theory of music and books too. You can visit the website of the theory music. After that, use the parts book. Make sure it's classical pieces. Classical piano is the foundation of all to play the piano. Start with a degree of pieces and move forward until it becomes easy. Started Well, when you use the Internet, only the investigation the theory of music) and then buy the book, then try: D. Very simple:). May God bless you: D It's gonna be tough, do not worry: D will be fun: D

learn guitar triads