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learn guitar yamaha
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Yamaha Acoustic Guitar?

Ok ive just started learning guitar, playing songs with great arrangements and some materials flexible, but also some figures haevier. I really like Yamaha acoustic guitars in general. I am a beginner / intermediate to begin guitar too. m thinking to get the FD02 Costco. Does anyone think it will be fine, there is no information about it, and can also string Acoustic ahs a popular chain, and replaced by all steel chains?

Matt, I tend to disagree with most answers here. Although this is that Yamaha has been making guitars for a little over 35 years is probably more than most of them are answered old. Here is some information on the Yamaha FD02 Acoustic. He said it was a classical guitar. Access the site and check Yamaha artists who use Yamaha guitars, basses, amplifiers and accessories. Steel string. Warm and clear TONE. Standing behind the FD02 is the long tradition of excellence All Yamaha Guitar. Yamaha guitars are not the product of a single shop or factory, Yamaha utilizes a worldwide network of the best design, development, and production facilities available to make a product Yamaha proud. FD02 Details: spruce Back / sides mahogany Mahogany neck Rosewood fingerboard 20 frets enclosed deck hardware Sonokeling natural gloss finishes Golden Hope this helps and I think it would be a great guitar for beginners.

learn guitar yamaha