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guitar playing for beginners software
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How to get a perfect pitch or not good in comparison?

Heya, its many programs that say this is not the only software you can get called absolute pitch, or if the next best thing – not relative. However, everyone seems to fraud in the way they are presented. Basically, I'm surprised how bad it is my ear, I can not remember the notes, chords, even on the way (I just from looking for one or two sessions.) When it comes to improvisation, I'm just by trial and error, but does not work really effective and that the lack of control, because I know what I want to play, but I can not play! (BTW I am a pianist, guitar for beginners). Someone there tips to remember the notes and get a perfect pitch, or at least not compared, because I do not remember the size of an interval of a second child and can not even take a second 2 but I've been exercising for a few sessions. Thank you for reading, any help will be greatly appreciated: D

Do not worry, developing an ear for music is not an easy thing to do and not something most of us are born with. The patience and dedication required. For relative height (usually just easier) the method I have found most effective is to match different intervals of songs. Example: a perfect fourth interval coincides with the first notes of "Here Comes the Bride." Then, their memory of familiar songs, and the transition becomes gradually more and more practice. For a perfect location, I say a lot of time listening places, and the return of the plots. This is probably the best voice again. Try flash cards, see the note, sing the field, playground, is the tone correction, and move along the following note. Start with a few at a time, and how they work. The trend is common practice, practice, practice. Good luck!

guitar playing for beginners software