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learn to play guitar cincinnati
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Charles Manson and the Family

"A criminal is a criminal by birth but by the world." This is true in the case of Charles Manson. Born 12 November 1934 a single teenage mother in Cincinnati, Charles never knew his biological father. His mother married William Manson who gave his family name Charles. His mother was a thief who sold him a pot of beer. When all children of school age were in the safety of parents magnets, Charles went to reform school to another.

His mother put him in foster care as the way alcohol and prostitution could not afford to have Carlos. When Charles ran with it in the house she refused and threw him in the street. It was a turning point in the life of Carlos. He began to steal the car theft 19-year kept in and out of prison for some time. He was very intelligent and bright and psychiatrists felt that had a high IQ Once out of jail married 17-year-old Rosalie Jean Willis in 1955, and wants to go to California and start a new life. But it was not. A stolen car shortly after marriage and was arrested. Giving birth to a son, Willis left with a driver truck.

Personal life upside down police tried to restore. Psychiatrists said Manson showed a marked degree of rejection, instability and psychological trauma. It was unpredictable and showed signs of aggressive tendencies. Despite his age, was criminally sophisticated. In 1960, he was arrested again for prostitution and calls for a prison sentence of 10 years. There he met Alvin Karpis the famous bank robber who taught music and played guitar. He wanted to be a famous musician, like the Beatles. If that happened, the crime rate in America could be dramatically reduced. During his stay in prison or on parole, who had stolen cars, the detention of prisoners of pimps, raped another inmate and false federal checks. At the age of 33 had spent more than half his life in prison.

Charles Manson was a "family" hippies like-minded people like. He was bisexual and women adored him. All these girls have sex with him. He told them that "belong to themselves and not him. "One of the girls Susan Atkins said she would do anything for Charles. It killed the actress Sharon Tate and said he "Was the most exciting experience of your sex life." The horrific murders and chilled paralyzed America in 1969. The Manson family was responsible for several murders, known collectively as the Tate-LaBianca murders. The motive behind the murder was rejected by the music industry and wanted revenge. So I asked some members of his family to go to the home of producer Terry Melcher, and kill him who was in the room. They entered the base of Roland Polanski, the famous Hollywood director and his wife Sharon Tate, was pregnant eight months. Before entering the house that first shot and killed the parents of Steve, a 18 year old who was the gardener's friend because he had seen the intruder, entering his car. Frykowski and Folger, who stayed in the house until Polanski's return to London, managed to escape from the room residence, but fell in the grass. Frykowski was stabbed fifty times and one, two shootings and the gun mounted on a dozen time. It was apparently inspired by the Beatles song "Piggies". Folger was stabbed 28 times Krenwinkel after being tackled on grass.

In the house from intruders asked if anyone had money, and in response to Yes, Abigail Folger, heiress of the Company Folgers Coffee, taken to his room to empty your wallet. It was postponed to the room where the four occupants of the house were tied together. Jay Sebring, hairdresser and noted friend of Polanski was visiting, and when he attempted to defend Tate, who was shot Watson, who has launched several times in face.Tate, eight months pregnant, begged for the life of her unborn child and was rejected by Atkins, who said coolly, "Look bitch, I no mercy for you "before stabbing the actress sixteen times.

The murder of the wealthy supermarket executive and his wife, partner Bianca Another murder in cold blood by Charles Manson and his "family". On this occasion, Manson went along to show how their accomplices perform the "act". bound pairs, then said Watson, Leslie Van Houten and Krenwinkel to stab them. Watson killed Mr. La Bianca, while girls stabbed his wife after his death. They carved a "war" word on his chest and left of the fork embedded in his body. With their blood on a piece of paper "rise" of words "death to pigs have been written. On the wall was "healt Skelter" misspelled the Beatles song Helter Skelter. Manson also killed a teacher Gary Hinman music, because it seems that owed him money.

Manson is languishing in jail in California, and probably the rest of his life. It is known to impress people, especially in the media spotlight. Is eligible for parole in 2007.

By Carlos Cabezas López

learn to play guitar cincinnati

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