How To Play Guitar Vs Piano

how to play guitar vs piano
how to play guitar vs piano (user: monster98012)

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Teaching me the piano in front of guitar or bass?

I really wanted to teach me the piano, but everyone insists it needs to take courses. I understand they are coming, and that bad habits can cause much pain, but how is that no one insists you get a teacher or professor bass guitar? These tools are a bit more natural to play? I've never heard of a teacher under, and I can imagine that it would be difficult to find a good place. What about the piano that makes it so hard to teach? (I want to learn the piano to get a sense of music theory and facilitate learning and bass guitar.)

Ok – you need piano lessons to gain an understanding of the theory. It essentially the most important lessons. The theory is not easy to teach you. In addition, piano requires the use of both hands and reading, both weak keys and treble. If you can understand the concept of the piano, you will be able to teach any other instruments. You may not need lessons for a long time, but until you understand the time, tonality, syncopation, measures, rests, etc., should take them. I took piano lessons for 5 years before and behind, and with this knowledge that I was able to give guitar lessons and weak, and I'm still playing the cello in a band.

how to play guitar vs piano

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