How To Learn Guitar Fretboard Notes

how to learn guitar fretboard notes
How to Learn Guitar Fretboard Notes : Guitar Fretboard Notes: Importance of Memorizing

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Is this a good idea to learn one of the buttons on the neck of the guitar?

I am an intermediate level player of the guitar I like to learn to read labels more songs. I am also a new theory of music. Like most songs, riffs and solos that I am heavy metals interested in coming, I thought of learning the key of E minor in any key. My idea is that if I know that all notes of that scale on the button, and stick to that key and scale, would be more efficient to find a melody or riff. For heavy metal I think that would be sufficient (with some important modifications harmonic minor), because then I would be able to focus on understanding how whose music is played and composed, rather than worry about the exact note every song, that would be all the more complicated task, since each key level different keys, with totally different directions? I hope that makes sense, and please give me an idea about this.

It's a good start, but must learn all the buttons on the handle of a whole. Do not limit yourself Em Not all pieces of the song metal or rock is in Em

how to learn guitar fretboard notes