Acoustic Guitar Classes

acoustic guitar classes
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I need help with an acoustic guitar?

I have a Greg Bennett acoustic guitar and humming strings. Not a class guitar, but I just enough for a guitar class and I just need good sound. It's like that in the first through fourth frets. I think the nut is too low on the stick, but do not know how to fix it. I tried to lift the bridge, but still lively. Any help is welcome to all, thanks.

The geometry of the guitar creating a several factors, all of which must be verified. Let's start with the neck relief. " His neck should be almost perfectly straight, with only a small arc in the middle. The way to check this is a chain of newspapers in the first box and the same time on the neck the neck joins the body. In fact, the string is used as a rule. Halfway there must be a small space between the string and the top of the dish: perhaps the thickness of a high E string. If the setting relief necessary, turn the key to the soul. On some guitars it is available under a blanket behind the nut. Otherwise, access to sound through the hole. Then check out the nut. The strings as they pass the nut must be the same height as if the nut was another box. "Zero Concern so to speak. If the nut is too low, you can build slots with crazy glue. Once all the checks, you can adjust the bridge height correct strings. It really sounds to me like his neck could be a slight decline arc, ie, the soul must be loosened half a turn or two.

acoustic guitar classes