Learn Guitar Dvd For Kids

learn guitar dvd for kids
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Guitar for my daughter: Where to start?

My 14 year old daughter really, really, really want to learn to play guitar .. two acoustic and electric. It is like a good guy, and I would help him get started as a Christmas gift. My question is: where do I start? I myself am a musician, I play the clarinet and piano, but I really do not know anything about guitar. Is there a particular type of guitar is good for a beginner? Can you take the video / DVD courses or it is better to have a live teacher? Any help is appreciated!

Go 6-string acoustic guitar. It will start to learn, no sense in buying an electric right now. I do not know how the courses DVD, it is preferable to provide a live teacher. Learn a musical instrument is hard work and you must make many mistakes in the implementation implemented. With a current DVD, there is nobody to correct mistakes and his guide through this.

learn guitar dvd for kids