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learn guitar pc programs
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PC simple drum machine?

I independently of songs with guitar, bass, piano and voice. The fact is that you can not make a decent song without battery, I can not afford a battery, I have no idea how to play with them. Please tell me an easy to use drum program for a PC is good for punk, rock, alternative, etc. I found some simple, but are geared towards techno and hip-hop, and I do not want. I do not want not a program that takes a very complicated eternity to learn and use. Besides, I like prefabricated drum loops, because they sound kind of fake if you know what I mean. Thank you

Acoustica Beatcraft and download some examples Beatcraft drum kit when others are not so bad, and you can use VST too. a little more complex, but a much better way is by far the use of a sequencer (Cubase, Sonar, Ableton, Kontakt, etc..) And a program such as battery or assault. do much better than a "simple" program

learn guitar pc programs