How To Play Guitar Like A Professional

how to play guitar like a professional
Guitar Session – be trained To Play Guitar Like A Pro With Musician Toolbox Tool

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What instrument to play?

I really want to learn to play an instrument .. but I can not decide on the instrument, I do not know much of them … I am the classic type, I do not play guitar or something .. I thought I could take piano lessons or flute, perhaps, violin, however, a classical instrument …. can you please give me some advice? I must say I am a bit old, I 23 years and I work full time … so I need something that is not very technical, or too difficult to learn .. I do not want be a professional, however, I just want to play for my own pleasure, enjoy the music and not difficult to really suck .. Thank you!

First, before learning the violin or any other instrument I suggest piano. Why you ask? As the piano is based foundation for learning other instruments. Not a noob tool, but it is much easier and make learning of other more easier to learn the violin say from the outset. Piano lessons teach music theory, intervals, scales, melodic, harmonic and less important and will help greatly if you switch to another instrument. I also a violinist and took piano lessons for 2 years and was totally worth it! Good luck!

how to play guitar like a professional